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The Institute of Andean Studies – 58th Annual Meeting in Berkeley,Ca


The Institute of Andean Studies invites you to our 58th Annual Meeting in Berkeley, California, this January 5-6, 2018 (Friday and Saturday). Everyone is welcome.

The preliminary program of papers and posters is included below. For a more detailed program, paper and poster abstracts, and registration and accommodation information, please visit


Registration is $40.00 ($10.00 for students) until January 1, 2018, and $60.00 ($20.00 for students) thereafter, including at the meeting. You may register online at the link above.

If you have already registered, thank you!

The Institute is pleased to announce our fourth annual Travel Grantee, Ana Cecilia Mauricio, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, who will present a paper on Friday.

You are also invited to the fifth annual IAS Commensal Feast. We have an accessible, ground-floor room at the nearby Faculty Club for attendees to discuss and network over lunch on Friday. Anyone registered for the meeting is welcome. Attendees purchase their own reasonably-priced meals there, but the pleasant space is entirely ours.

And finally, we plan to schedule one or two insider tours of the new Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, specifically tailored for Andeanists, now that the museum has reopened after its major renovation. Spaces are limited. Details and reservations will be available at the meeting.

Please join us!

Bruce Owen
Secretary and Treasurer
Institute of Andean Studies

———— Castellano ————

Estimado colega,

El Institute of Andean Studies le invita a nuestra 58a Reunión Anual en Berkeley, California, este 5 y 6 de enero, 2018 (viernes y sábado). Todos son bienvenidos.

El programa preliminar de ponencias y pósteres se incluye a continuación. Para un programa más detallado, resúmenes de las ponencias y pósteres, e información acerca de registración y alojamiento, por favor visite


La inscripción es US$ 40.00 (US$ 10.00 para estudiantes) hasta 1 enero, 2018, y US$ 60.00 (US$ 20.00 para estudiantes) después, incluso al llegar al encuentro. Se puede registrar en línea con el enlace arriba.

¡Si ya se ha inscrito, gracias!

Nos complace anunciar nuestro cuarto becario de la Beca de Viajes anual, Ana Cecilia Mauricio, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, quien presentará sus investigaciones el viernes.

También se le invita a la quinta anual Festín Comensal del IAS. Tenemos una sala accesible en la primer planta del Faculty Club para asistentes a conversar y renovar contactos sobre almuerzo viernes. Cualquier persona registrada para la reunión es bienvenida. Los asistentes comprarán sus propias comidas a precios razonables, pero el espacio agradable es totalmente nuestra.

Y finalmente, esperamos programar uno o dos recorridos guiados del nuevo Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, especialmente para arqueólogos de los Andes, ya que el museo ha reabierto después de sus extensivos trabajos de renovación. Plazas son limitadas. Información y reservas estarán disponibles en la reunión.


Bruce Owen
Secretary and Treasurer
Institute of Andean Studies

———— Preliminary Program ————

Institute of Andean Studies 58th Annual Meeting, Preliminary Program
January 5–6, 2018
160 Kroeber Hall, UC Berkeley, California

FRIDAY MORNING, January 5, 2018

Randall Haas, Ioana Stefenescu, Alex Garcia-Putnam, Mark Aldenderfer, Mark Clementz, Melissa Murphy, Carlos Viviano Llave, James Watson
Testing for verticality among Archaic foragers of the Titicaca Basin

Andrew Roddick, John Janusek
From Qeya Chico to Berlin: A Late Formative Lake Titicaca style 60 years later

Richard Marshall Lunniss
Infant ancestors at Salango: An extraordinary ancient burial practice of the Ecuadorian coast

Peiyu Chen
Marine-based subsistence and its social implications in the Late Preceramic and Initial Period: A different pattern from Huaca Negra, North Coast of Peru

Ana Cecilia Mauricio (IAS 2018 Travel Grantee)
Los Morteros and Pampa de las Salinas: Early monumentality, environmental transformations, and the creation of a preceramic ceremonial landscape


Fifth Annual Commensal Feast, Heyns Room, The Faculty Club

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology tour(s)

Poster session, 120 Kroeber Hall


Brian R. Billman, Patrick Mullins
Big data, big challenges: The preliminary results of the Moche Valley Ancient Settlement Survey on the North Coast of Peru

Jean-François Millaire, Kayla Golay Lausanne, Edward Eastaugh
Drone survey at the Gallinazo Group site in the Virú Valley, Peru: Reconstructing an ancient urbanscape through aerial photogrammetry and thermography

Bebel Ibarra
Recuay changes in ceremonial and mortuary architecture in the North Highlands of Peru and their implications for political organization ca. AD 200 – 900

Meghan Tierney
Early Nasca sculptural effigy vessels in context

Go Matsumoto, Gabriela De Los Rios
Exploring the multiplicity of the Lambayeque society during the Middle Sicán period (AD 950-1100)

Patricia J. Netherly
Enigmatic Chimor: The expansion, governance, and defeat of an Andean state
violence: a social bioarchaeological study of community health during times of climate change and Wari state decline

FRIDAY EVENING, 5:30 pm January 5, 2018

Annual business meeting (IAS members only),

SATURDAY MORNING, January 6, 2018

Nicole M. Slovak
Rediscovering an ancient archaeological collection from Peru: The Field Museum of Natural History’s Ancón collection

Patricia J. Knobloch
Following their footsteps: Revealing agency among the Wari

Karen Olsen Bruhns
The Huari in Ecuador

Warren B. Church, Keith Muscutt
Inticancha: A Wari enclave in Chachapoyas? (Reopening a cold case in a cold place)


Poster session, 120 Kroeber Hall


Skyler J. Keiter, Danielle S. Kurin
Neurological deficiencies due to antemortem cranial trauma in the Chanka polity of Andean Peru (1000-1400 CE)

Dominika Sieczkowska, José Bastante
Los resultados preliminares de las excavaciones en el sitio de Chachabamba en el Parque Arqueológico Nacional de Machupicchu

David O. Brown
Cochasquí and the late prehistory of the Northern Ecuadorian Highlands

Ronald D. Lippi, Alejandra M. Gudiño, Estanislao Pazmiño, Esteban Acosta B.
Palmitopamba: Yumbos and Incas near the northern fringe of Tawantinsuyu

Miguel Aguilar Díaz
Incas y ancestros en el orden social y la arqueología de Pueblo Viejo de Recuay, S. XV – XVII

Melissa S. Murphy, Catherine Gaither, Jeffrey Quilter
Entangled identities and subjectivities at Magdalena de Cao Viejo, Chicama Valley, Peru

SATURDAY EVENING, 8:00 pm January 6, 2018 (Open to the public)

Anna Guengerich
Where mountain and forest meet: Toward a history of people and landscape in the Eastern Andes of Chachapoyas

SATURDAY EVENING, 9:00 pm January 6, 2018

President’s reception at the Archaeological Research Facility


Adam Birge
Transformations of Ritual and Movement along the Sajama Lines, Bolivia

Matthew E. Biwer
Recent paleoethnobotanical investigations at Cerro Baúl, Upper Moquegua Valley, Peru

Christiane Clados
Borrowed from the ancestors: Inca tocapus and mechanisms of appropriation

Kathleen E. Huggins
Characterizing ceramic-surface topography from Chiripa, Bolivia, and beyond: A proposed technique, using RTI and image based automated quantitative analysis

Richard Miksad, Kenneth Wright
Saqsaywaman wall failure

Ivanna Robledo, Danielle Kurin
Putting a face to the past: A reconstructive technique for Andean populations

Natalea Schager, Jordan Kobylt, Nicholas Pingitore, Alexei Vranich
Using modern technologies to better understand the Inca past at Saqsayhuaman

Geoffrey L. Taylor, Emily L. Roberts
A GIS spatial analysis of artifact distribution in domestic spaces from the city of Huari

Additional Posters TBA