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(28 Feb 2020) The Peruvian government displayed on Thursday 21 cultural artifacts returned to embassies in Argentina, Canada, Ecuador and Brazil.
Pieces including paintings, textiles and ceramics were displayed in a ceremony where the Peruvian Foreign Minister Gustavo Meza-Cuadra delivered the items to the Cultural Minister Sonia Guillen.
The Foreign Ministry said the pieces were recovered with the help of local authorities of the countries where the pieces were found, while others were also returned by private parties.
This batch includes pottery and textile objects from the Chancay culture, a pre-Incan civilization, an Inca ceramic jar, as well as other archaeological pieces from the Nazca, Chimu and Huari cultures.
The most recent items returned were two paintings of Catholic motifs, dating from the XVI and XVII centuries, stolen from churches located in Cusco.
The ceremony is the opening of a joint forum of the Peruvian government and UNESCO for international cooperation against illegal traffic of cultural assets named “Foro Cusco.”
According to the ministry, 1010 archaeological pieces were returned to Peru only in 2019.