Caravan of Memory | Yuyarispa Llamaykuwan Purimuyku

In 2010, twenty-five Quechua families took a caravan of llamas from their home village, Chawaytiri, in the highlands of Peru, to the city of Pisac. The participants invited the National Museum of the American Indian to document the journey and the cultural knowledge and ceremonies that surround it. The community’s message? “Let us be careful not to lose the ways and customs of our ancestors, so that nothing useful disappears.”
In Quechua with English subtitles; Spanish-subtitled version to come.
To read more about the museum’scollaborative research with the people of Chawaytiri, and the larger Inka Road project, please see
Produced by the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI), Smithsonian Institution, with the Museo Comunitario P´isaq and the Municipalidad Distrital de P´isa.
Music: Grupo Aymara; “Río de Chawaytiri,” Irma Alvarado Yucra; “El Hijo del Sol” & Canta Pajarillo.” Grupo Amaru Pumaq Kuntur, Música Tribal Andina, Cusco-Perú

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