How the pandemic will shape the near future | Bill

Bill Gates talks best (and worst) case scenarios for the coronavirus pandemic in the months ahead, explaining the challenges of reducing virus transmission, providing an update on promising vaccine candidates, offering his thoughts on reopening and even taking a moment to address conspiracy theories circulating about himself. Stay tuned for his critical call to fellow […]Read More

What coronavirus means for the global economy | Ray Dalio

“I’m a capitalist. I believe in the system. I believe you can increase the size of the pie and you could divide it well,” says Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates. He offers wide-ranging insight and advice on how we might recover from the global economic fallout of the coronavirus crisis — and use it […]Read More

How the coronavirus pandemic is changing the world | Fareed

The coronavirus pandemic is more global, dramatic and unusual than any crisis we’ve seen in a long time, says journalist Fareed Zakaria. Listen as he shares his perspective on how we can recover from the economic fallout, why certain countries were able to avoid major outbreaks and what this might mean for the balance of […]Read More

How we must respond to the coronavirus pandemic | Bill

Philanthropist and Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates offers insights into the COVID-19 pandemic, discussing why testing and self-isolation are essential, which medical advancements show promise and what it will take for the world to endure this crisis. (This virtual conversation is part of the TED Connects series, hosted by head of TED Chris Anderson and current […]Read More

What if we replaced politicians with randomly selected people? |

If you think democracy is broken, here’s an idea: let’s replace politicians with randomly selected people. Author and activist Brett Hennig presents a compelling case for sortition democracy, or random selection of government officials — a system with roots in ancient Athens that taps into the wisdom of the crowd and entrusts ordinary people with […]Read More

Covid-19: how bad will it be for the economy? |

The coronavirus pandemic has killed thousands of people, crashed stockmarkets around the world, driven 10m Americans to claim unemployment and caused businesses to haemorrhage money. With economies in turmoil, how bad will the damage be?Read More

Apocalipsis en la selva tropical | DW Documental

En el verano de 2019, las llamas devastaron la selva tropical de la Amazonía brasileña. Cuando arde el pulmón verde del mundo, los expertos y los políticos internacionales se asustan. La protección de este ecosistema único es esencial para todos. Las imágenes de la selva amazónica en llamas causaron estupor en todo el mundo en […]Read More

Adapt or Die

The climate cycles that have driven mass extinctions, are shortening and becoming more severe. The species that can adapt to environmental changes survive, while others simply die off. CBSN Originals travels to the Galapagos Islands, a living laboratory in the crosshairs of climate change, to see if nature can outrun and outsmart climate change?Read More