Alaka Wali: “Repurposing a Century Old Collection for a New Millennium” | Talks at Google

Talks at Google hosted Alaka Wali, Curator of the North American Anthropology collection at The Field Museum in Chicago, IL for a talk on the relationship between art and the capacity for social resilience.

Alaka was the founding director of the Center for Cultural Understanding and Change from 1995-2010. During that time, she pioneered the development of participatory social science research and community engagement processes based in museum science. Alaka is also involved in conservation programs in both Chicago and the Amazon regions of Peru.

The conversation was hosted by Joe Malone.

Video at 42:00: Courtesy Chris Pappan (Kanza) Media installation, 2016. Sound and video by Santiago X (Chamoru/Coushatta), Photography and video editing by Adam Sings In The Timber (Crow), Photography by Debra Yepa-Pappan (Jemez Pueblo).
Sampled footage of 1894 Thomas Edison Buffalo Dance film featuring Strong Talker, Pine, Last Horse, Parts His Hair, and Hair Coat. Sampled audio from 1983 pow wow in Macy, Nebraska.

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