AYAHUASCA: Into The Dark Abyss | Published on May 26, 2017  by: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXSF1F_RFRUVNXX4QmB6vmw/abou  : t This short documentary is about my personal story about going into the deep jungle of Peru to experience one of the most potent psychedelics in the world: Ayahuasca (DMT).

Amazonia - Ayahuasca Documentary Published on Feb 8, 2017 (original:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC1fcMplVWc ) Psychologist, anthropologist and author Alberto Villoldo has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon for more than 25 years. In this beautifully filmed documentary he shares the secrets of the jungle’s sacred plants and the healers who administer them, deep in the Amazon rainforest. Dr. Villoldo also explains the theory and process behind Ayahuasca, the legendary and powerful brew made by the shamans.


Potatoes on Mars: NASA attempts space farming in Peru by CCTV NewsPublished on Feb 15, 2016  /  In the Hollywood blockbuster The Martian, actor Matt Damon plays a botanist who discovers how to grow potatoes on the Red Planet. Now, US scientists are conducting an experiment that will bring them a step closer to making that a reality in Peru. The team will simulate Martian atmospheric conditions in a laboratory, using soil from Peru's Pampas de La Joya desert, when the experiment begins.

Luis Lumbreras vs. Walter Alba: ¿El museo nacional de Arqueología debe hacerse en Pachacámac?

Entrevista a Fernando de Szyszlo - UPC: Original @: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRuXVIh3_CM

Vargas Llosa rompe su silencio sobre García Márquez - Curso de Verano UCM

Sobre restos de Pizarro en la Catedral P1w Dr. Hugo R. Ludeña



EL CEBICHE PERUÀ by Institut Municipal de Mercats de Barcelona  / Published on Oct 8, 2012  El xef peruà Gastón Acurio acaba d'obrir a Barcelona el Tanta, un restaurant que també participarà en l'Aula Gastronòmica del Mercat de Mercats. Hem aprofitat la seva presència a la ciutat perquè ens parli del cebiche.

GoPro: Roberta Mancino's Wingsuit Flight Over An Active Volcano  /  Published on Jun 9, 2016  /  Flying a wingsuit over an active volcano has long been a dream for Roberta Mancino. After years of training, she embarked on a mission to Chile's Villarrica stratovolcano to fly through the sulfur-infused smoke that pours from its crater.  Villarrica proved to be the place where this dream came true. Watch as Roberta jumps from a helicopter at 15,000ft and flies her wingsuit through the volcanic smoke and turbulence above one of South America's highest active volcanoes. Filmer: Sebastian Alvarez / Shot 100% on the HERO4®

2016 INS ISA World Surfing Games  Published on Aug 14, 2016    /  After eight days of world-class Surfing competition at the 2016 INS ISA World Surfing Games in Playa Jacó, Costa Rica, Team Peru has emerged victorious and earned the Team Gold Medal and coveted Fernando Aguerre World Team Trophy. The Gold Medal was the second for Team Peru in three years, having won the Team Gold Medal at the 2014 ISA World Surfing Games in Peru. Rounding out the Team Medal was Team Portugal with the Silver Medal, Team USA with the Bronze Medal and Team France with the Copper Medal.

Mario Testino: "Cuando estoy, hay vida” by Univision  Published on Jan 31, 2016      Uno de los fotógrafos más reconocidos en el mundo revela lo difícil que fue para él triunfar en su carrera. Al Punto: principal programa de política y opinión conducido por el periodista Jorge Ramos quien sin rodeos va al punto de las noticias de política y actualidad.

First Wingsuit Flight Over The Nazca Lines by RedBull 

 Cedric Dumont and Jhonathan Florez marked a milestone in the world history by being the first athletes to fly over Nazca lines wearing only a wingsuit. Both athletes jumped from a plane at 2,700 high, flying over the immensity of the Nazca desert for more than two minutes, reaching speeds of 190 kilometers per hour. Definitively a more than a privilege view of these famous geoglyphs, recognized worldwide by UNESCO as World Heritage.

The Lovely Cameron Diaz Travels to Peru to Meet with Andean Shaman

 Published on Jun 12, 2016  / We will take care of to provide you an exquisite experience when you visit the place. You can explore the beauty with us and learn about the ancient culture and the traditions of Peru.Building Sofia's Project - Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich -  by RedBull  / Published on Sep 8, 2015

Sofia Mulanovich changed the perception of South American surfers when she broke out on the circuit in 2002. After a decade of dominating contests, Sofia's passion became helping the next generation of Peruvian surfers. Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich is a special academy to help selected kids reach their full potential in and out of the water.Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich is a high performance youth surf academy created by Sofia to share her professional surf experience, and develop talented young surfers from all sorts of social backgrounds. The three-year project offers a full scholarship and a unique opportunity to 10 teenagers to pursue their dreams. CLICK to watch all episodes on Red Bull TV: http://win.gs/ProyectoSofiaMulanovich15 Things to do in Cusco Travel Guide / by Samuel & Audrey  

Many travelers to Cusco use the city as a launching pad to hike the Inca trail, visit Machu Picchu and/or explore the Sacred Valley. With so many travel options just outside of the city it is easy to forget that Cuzco has a lot to offer in and of itself. The following Cusco travel guide is our attempt to showcase what the city has to offer in terms of attractions, things to do, shopping, dining, museums and nightlife. In our opinion, you'll want to budget several days to take it all in and acclimatize to the higher altitude if you're thinking of going on hiking excursions afterwards.   Published on Mar 1, 2016   presented by: http://nomadicsamuel.com MARIO TESTINO - MAKING OF: ALTA MODA - by MARIO TESTINO

Alta Moda — or “high fashion” in Spanish — documents Peruvian people wearing the traditional and festive dress associated with the mountainous region of Cusco. From 2007 - 2012, Testino frequently visited Cusco after discovering an archive of costumes from the region. The photographs draw inspiration from the work of Martin Chambi, one of the first indigenous Latin American photographers. Testino worked closely with Chambi’s grandchildren and recreated backdrops from the archive of the late Peruvian photographer.Real Food LIMA/PERU / by Mike Colameco's Real Food  

Published on May 19, 2016 / We start w Virgilio Martinez at CENTRAL, considered the finest restaurant in Lima if not all of South America. Then it's on to EL MERCADO where Rafael Osterling does his take on ceviche. Some old school cooking at LA GLORIA. A little pisco sour action at ANTIGUA TABERNA QUEIROLO and Peruvian chicken at PARDO's CHICKEN round out our stay in Lima. Producer/Editor: Kirk Sohr  / For more information, visit http://colameco.com

What to do in Lima, Peru / by The New York Times  

Lima's winning formula: A rich pre-Columbian heritage, emerging art and fashion scenes, and remarkably great food.  Produced by: Fritzie Andrade, Max Cantor, Chris Carmichael, Will Lloyd and Sarah Brady Voll Read the story here: http://nyti.ms/1dZF3Am  

Surfing ancient-style surfboards in Peru 

Originally used by fishermen, the caballitos de Totora original surfboards are a versatile tool to navigate the waters of Peru. 

Sofia Mulanovich together with world-class surfer Sally Fitzgobbons and junior Nadja de Col exchanged their boards for the ancient type to test the surfing quality of these Peruvian boats that have thousands of years of history.Road to MACHU PICCHU - Peru 

50 años de “La Ciudad de los Perros” y el BOOM Latinoamericano 

 Peruvian Nobel Price of Literature Mario Vargas Llosa, remembers his early days in Spain during the so called “Boom Latino Americano de Literatura” and his encounters with early writers of the time who will become icons in time.  Published on Oct 23, 2015

This video would not have been possible without www.FunTrip.world who organized the complete trip. Thank you Andrei and David for helping me and for being such great people. During our 2 weeks trip to Peru I've been carrying my backpacked drone everywhere we went hoping to discover some beautiful landscapes to shoot. The place I was waiting for the most was, of course, Machu Picchu. I knew it was not permitted to fly inside Machu Picchu but I was hoping to at least get some distance shots from outside. Unfortunately, one day before arriving, a huge forest fire started near by and made my trip to Machu Picchu obsolete. What I didn't expect though was to find so many amazing landscapes in places we were just passing by. And finally, the three full days we spent in the Amazon rain forest made me forget all about Machu Picchu.I was so impressed by Peru that I don't expect to be visiting such a beautiful country and to meet such wonderful people any time soon.The Race to Record the Ruins / The New York Times   

As land values rise, Peru’s ancient sites are under threat from development. To respond, Peru is creating a drone air force to map, monitor and safeguard its endangered treasures.Other Articles